Upon a time…

I was a child

My feet wandered about on gravel
making their way through mud puddles
tall grass and hot tar on dead end roads

My hands picked flowers
touched moss, carried broken sticks
caught tadpoles and caterpillars

My ears heard every whisper
of movement
the trill of chickadees
bullfrogs croaking

My eyes absorbed all,
trees towering above me
stormy cloud covered skies
a tiny bug crawling on a blade of grass

My entire being soaked
in the hot summer sun
rocking in the old wicker chair
after my chores were done

As a young child
I carried the wounds
of a lifetime locked
away deep within me

Look in my eyes you would see
wisdom and wariness
curiosity and caution
intelligence and insecurity

I learned to please authority
and do the right thing

And so I grew up


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