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play in a creek and skip stones

go to the top of a tall building and yell as long as you can

sit with birdseed in your hand and wait til the birds land to eat

go fishing on the Mississippi

shout when you catch a fish from the Mississippi

sleep in the back of a tractor trailer

go for a midnight run to a donut shop

ride your bike down the hill your mom told you not to with your feet out from the pedals

ride a horse backwards

dangle your feet off a cliff

climb a huge mountain with just a big stick

sit under a waterfall

ride the bus with your earbuds and no music on

step out in clothes that dont match at all

whistle back at the birds

say hello to fish in the creek

smile at the guy with all his belongings in a shopping cart

go paddleboarding on a river

row a rowboat

jump out of the rowboat into the water with no lifejacket

go four wheeling

jump out of a plane and skydive

learn how to drive a stickshift

say hello to God at least four times a day and ask how he’s doin

let a puppy lick your face

sleep outside and count the stars instead of sheep

sit in a tree and throw rotten tomatoes at your friends

walk up a hill backwards

tell someone no when you really really want to say yes

tell someone yes when you really really want to say no

yell at the top of a mountain just cuz you can

Play hooky from school and lay in a sunny field all day with a good book


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